hidden diamond ring
who else should care?
the pocket charm.
both real and US mint authorized.

the ultimate reverse setting
nothing is stronger or sharper than this killer ring. also perfect for tagging any surface.

solitaire wall art
embedded flush
into the wall. for the absolute minimalists.

diamond flash
digital camera with special
diamond dust reflective flash.

rubber bouncing ball
infused with 2 carats
of micro diamonds.

These ideas are stunningly brilliant. It is the ultimate smack in the face to a label hungry, 'designer' dependent, utterly pretentious society. Tobias has taken the Vreeland maxim,  "Elegance is refusal"  to a dazzling new peak.         

- Reno Dakota

prelude: the best material interview
diamond screen saver
animated sparkly eye candy,
round and round they go...